I celebrate over 25 years in education, a word whose root- educare- means drawing out- drawing out the potential that exists within each of us. Meditation is a tool, a compass that points attention to the Mystery which animates you even as you sit reading this. Neither reason nor words can reach it, but we can use reason and words to point the way to it. This blog is the proverbial finger pointing at the moon, not the moon itself.  

It's been over 30 years since I first sat to meditate. Only after 20 years of study and practice did I begin teaching explicitly and systematically. As Director of Academic Technology at an independent school in New England and IT Consultant, my interest in meditation is pragmatic. I began teaching meditation 10 years ago as a way to discipline the mind- not as a path to liberation or enlightenment. I am not a guru. I focus on attentional training, emotional regulation, mindset, communication frameworks, and mindful living to promote wellness.  


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