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It's been over 30 years since I first sat to meditate. After 20 years of study and practice, I began teaching explicitly and systematically. I'm an educator by calling, a word whose root- educare- means drawing out- drawing out the potential that exists within each of us. My interest in meditation is pragmatic. I began teaching meditation as a way to discipline the mind and train the body- not as a path to liberation or enlightenment. 


As the mind colors moods, marshals thoughts, directs attention, influences perceptions, directs behavior, and orchestrates our very lives, it is the one thing worth attending to! What I teach is evidence-based and actionable with a focus on attentional training, emotional regulation, response selection and inhibition, cognitive flexibility (the ability to shift between different tasks or goals in order to adapt to changes), impulse suppression, memory, and executive functioning (i.e., goal setting, planning, and critical thinking). I'm also interested in communication frameworks, mediation, mindset, and mindful living.  

This site is a depository for my learning; it's an on-going record of my investigations into body and mind. The writing is not static; the posts are updated regularly as new research emerges. That said, my obligation is to promote my students well-being. Here's what they say: 

"I really love your no nonsense approach to mediation. I find it incredible comforting... Thank you." 

"Solidly practical and informative. Definitely will implement these useful tools."

"Loved the approach- consistent and non-judgmental."

"You gave me the gift of being in the moment for me first. Since then, I have planned a time in my schedule to meditate each night. My sleep has improved just in this short time and I’m finding myself craving more … so I’ve started my mornings with a quick, energized meditation session as well."

"I am about to face an anxiety producing event, and this really took the edge off."

"I followed your advice and leveled up. I lost 20 pounds since the last workshop." 

"Just what I need to help my mind reset, calm the anxiety and get the stress to dial down and out."

"WOW so well spoken as to inspire and uplift one's soul."

"Very matter of fact while introducing each part of the practice. I feel capable of doing this and getting the results I need and desire."

"Former psych/neuroscience major. Loved this!"

"When I listen to this generous sharing of knowledge and experience, blended with years of practice and study, I am inspired and motivated to continue my own optimization. There is a stunning simplicity and truth to this overview and description of the variety of mindful techniques. The analogy to physical exercise is spot on. We can direct our mindfulness efforts toward specific purposes."

"Great information. It gives me a lot to think about and discuss with my doctor. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the time you spend helping us live life to the fullest!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning how to help myself as well as my students!"


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